When a New Issue is Publish

I invite you to join our automated "Notify ME" list for the Cell Door. We have installed automated software which allows you to sign on Notify ME to the list or off  (Stop Notifying Me) of the list whenever you choose. This will make it a whole lot easier for me to let you know when another issue is out. If you ask to be notified, you will receive an announcement each time a new issue of the Cell Door is posted on the Internet. That is all. Nothing more nothing less. Your E-mail address will not be shared, sold, or used for any other purpose. You can sign on/off as often as you wish and only you will know what you have decided. This makes your position on our "Notify ME" list a private thing - a very user friendly service.

If you ask to be notified:

  1. You will not be charged. It is free! on the Internet

  2. You will not receive anything via Snail-Mail.   There are no hard copies.

  3. Your E-mail address will never be shared, sold, or exposed to anyone.

  4. You will receive an announcement each time a new issue is posted.

  5. You will not be contacted via E-mail for any other reason.

When you click on Notify ME:

  1. An E-mail form will appear. If you want you can put "Notify ME" in the body of your message, feel free to do so.

  2. Hit send

  3. You will start receiving our once an issue announcement that the Cell Door has been posted on the Internet.

    If you are being notified and choose Stop Notifying Me, all the above will be repeated and you will be off of our "Notify ME" list and will no longer get your once a month E-mail announcing when the new issue has been posted on the Internet.

Thank you again for your support!

Laird Carlson
Web Master
Cell Door Magazine

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