Biddle Publishing is a small company located in Southeastern, PA  with an all volunteer staff.  Biddle specializes in prison and criminal justice issues. In addition, Audenreed Press, a division of Biddle Publishing Company, functions as a self-publishers' cooperative and helps incarcerated writers get their works into print.

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Biddle Publishing Co.
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Caged Freedom, Louis Osei Cotton, Ed.

Share the struggles and feelings of prisoners as they cope with life in a Kansas prison. These poems and essays reflect the experiences of incarcerated men nationwide. Illustrated. - $7.50

Community Preparation Workbook, Stephen Fraley

An insightful counseling guide, emphasizing the transition from institutions, like prison to the community. Some areas covered include substance abuse, employment, budgeting, family concerns, health, parole and recidivism. - $7.50

Dead End by Gary E. Goldhammer

A journalist interviews prison staff, lawyers, prisoner advocates, death row inmates, their families and victim's families to find the truth behind capital punishment. Illustrated. - $10.95


Going to Prison: Third Edition by Jimmy Tayoun

A practical guide for the first time offender to ease the transition to prison life, and to answer all the questions that arise following a guilty verdict or plea. - $7.95

Frontiers of Justice, Vol 1: The Death Penalty

Editors: Claudia Whitman & Julie Zimmerman

An anthology by inmates, victim families, and professionals in law, corrections, government and religion who deplore the use of legalized killing to solve America's c justice problems. Prologue by Mario Cuomo. Illustrated.- $15.95

Frontiers of Justice, Volume II: Coddling or Common Sense?

Editors, Claudia Whitman, Julie Zimmerman & Tekla Miller

Professionals in law, law enforcement and corrections, volunteers, crime victim and offenders share their successes with humane, effective programs in prisons and in the community, for both juveniles and adults. Prologue by Ramsey Clark. Illustrated. - $19.95

"This is a stunning collection of stories about a variety of 'at risk' flesh and blood people who are making it back to something akin to stability, normalcy, productivity -- because someone cared enough to try to help. It's not a Pollyanna story, it's a book, chapter, and verse account of what Works and what doesn't, and why Americans should shed their skepticism and pitch in. " Mike Wallace

Frontiers of Justice, Volume III: The Crime Zone

Iowa on the Inside by Vincent Johnson

Travel through the Iowa Department of Corrections from the offenders point of view. One man's poems and prose reveals the reality of life on the inside. - $5.00

Shall Suffer Death by AJ Bannister

The first person account of a Death Row inmate in Missouri which offers his perspective on the American justice system based on his own trial and 13 years spent on Death Row. - $15.00

Trapped Under Ice: A Death Row Anthology

Editor Julie Zimmerman

Twenty-nine prisoners, many on Death Row, write of enduring incarceration and facing execution, challenging society to acknowledge their humanity. Illustrated.  - $8.00

The Warden Wore Pink by Tekla Dennison Miller

A first person account of one woman's 20- year career in corrections, culminating in her appointment as warden of a men's maximum security prison. - $11.95

SELF LAND by Gene Hathorn

The fourteen tragic stories - some horrid, but all are forcefully told by Gene Hathorn, who has lived on Texas Death Row for over thirteen years.


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