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First Comment (3/18/99):
    Outsiders would not know how to react to this cartoon.....they would not realize the significance of what is going on.

Second Comment (3/20/99):
    Sorry, I should've introduced myself. I am the dad of two young men in prison, one serving 65 years for murder and the other son is on death row awaiting execution for a crime that was never committed except in the eyes of the principle prosecutor.
    The reason I understand what the cartoon was saying is due to the fact that my son Tom who is serving 65 years in Walla Walla has written a book on his experiences in prison when he was first incarcerated at the age of 18 up to     now (31 years old). Once inside, any morals, principles, or values are     better forgotten and one must then abide by the laws of the prison inmates. Being "soft" inside the walls and you'll have every predator after you, therefore, if you are called a punk and you do not retaliate even if it means being beaten up, you will be in for a very hard time in prison. People on the outside would never understand this as they never give a thought to those inside......lock them away and forget them. There are a lot of decent human beings that have made big mistakes in their lives inside our prison walls and there are a lot of habituals as well. Our system is suppose to reform the prisoners, but instead is killing their souls and destroying most of them from becoming an asset to their communities on return to the world. Now I'll get off my soap box.

Third Comment (3/21/99):
    My son on death row is in Ohio and his name is Kenny Richey. We are at present on Federal State Appeal and from what I understand, he has been granted and Evidentiary Hearing. When is the big question mark. Kenny is presently the only British National on Death Row and he has quite a lot of support from Britain. There have been several Television Documentaries on him over there. Unfortunately, his case is relatively unknown over here.  My son Tom's book was to be published over in Britain, but they started to initiate a law that prisoners could not profit from their crime, so the publisher backed off from printing it.


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