A Collaborative Effort

5 forces have combined to create and sustain

The Cell Door Magazine

Julie Zimmerman - Founding Member -  Emeritus

Owner of Biddle Publishing Company which specializes in prison and criminal justice issues. Julie also owns Audenreed Press, a division of Biddle Publishing Company, which functions as a self-publishers' cooperative helping incarcerated writers get their works into print. Recently a debilitating condition has made her scale back her publishing activities, but she is still very active as a prisoner advocate nurturing prisoners through their rehabilitative years with faithful correspondence and visits.

Claudia Whitman - Founding Member - Advisor - Email

An old friend of Julie's who helped her design and co-edit the Frontiers of Justice Series. Volume I: The Death Penalty focused on the problems surrounding this very ineffective and prejudicial form of punishment, Volume II: Codling or Common Sense? put the spotlight on the successful, humane, effective rehabilitative programs in prisons and in the community, for both juveniles and adults, and in Volume III: The Crime Zone prisoners share the pain and violence of their pasts, their present existence in the sterility and brutality of prison, and their hopes for a future of freedom. They also share their remorse and the changes they have undergone in their resolve to find self-worth and value in their lives. Their goal in this very difficult task is to help us understand the roots of crime and recidivism and the factors that encourage crime prevention and habilitation.

On October 16th Equal Justice USA released, Reasonable Doubts: Is the U.S. executing Innocent People?, a preliminary report compiled by the Grassroots Investigation Project. Claudia headed up a team of activists and lawyers that looked into 16 cases of executed inmates who were probably innocent. In all cases the jury never heard all the salient facts they needed to make a decision about guilt or innocence. What is worse the appeals process did not permit these same facts from being presented in court.

Head of NDRAN (National Death Row Assistance Network of CURE) who has taken the CELL DOOR MAGAZINE under its wing and accepts donations for the free distribution of the hard copy of the magazine to prison inmates. NDRAN

Laird Carlson - Founding Member - Web Master/Publisher - Email

Husband of Claudia Whitman, knows enough about the "Electronic Super Highway" to help Julie and Claudia create a worldwide presence for the incarcerated.

Contributors -

If it weren't for the hard work of our editors and writers, we would not have a magazine to publish. They believe in the power of the word and have faith that there is a grassroots community in the free world that truly supports their desire to habilitate and regain their rightful and equal place in the free world. 


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