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I have known Gene Hathorn for many years. Never in any of his innumerable letters to me has he ever been false to the demand that he write of his situation with honesty and authenticity. This book is one of his voices, an expression of an autonomy being acquired in such hostile circumstances that my own seem trivial. As he reaches for peace, he finds dignity which is much more than imagined, however much his jailers and we, his spectators, are reluctant to imagine it in him. We must attend to him closely, and to his peers who similarly are dignified and strive to atone. Thus we may measure our ordinary lives against these greater truths.

Stephen Condit

Group Secretary, Amnesty International, Finland


G. Wilford Hathorn is Chairman of the Board of The Lamp of Hope Project to which a portion of the proceeds from this book shall be donated. He has been on Texas death row for thirteen years, during which time he taught himself to write.

The fourteen stories in Self Land  are tragic, some horrid, but all are forcefully told by Gene Hathorn, who has lived on Texas Death Row for over thirteen years. Gene's writings (both creative and polemic) have appeared in his prison newspaper, the book Frontiers of Justice Vol I: The Death Penalty, a death row poetry anthology entitled Trapped Under Ice, and Amnesty International's German Newsletter. 

Click here to read Pet Peeves one of the stories included in Gene's book Self Land.

Gene is also involve in a poetry collaboration with artist Claudia Whitman.   Gene's poetry will be displayed along side of Claudia's mixed media pieces which were inspired by Gene's poetry.  This exhibition will be shown in various schools, colleges and conferences throughout the United States and other countries. If you are interested in hosting this exhibition E-mail Claudia.

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