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Michael Tenneson

Register No. 58213
S C F Unit 4
Box 6000
Sterling, CO 80751


Michael J. Tenneson was convicted of five murders (in Colorado and Wisconsin) in 1987 and only spared the Death Penalty because one juror said she had "a gut feeling..." Driven by feelings of deep remorse, his life's goal is to give something back to society through his art, music and writing. For four years, he has been a member of the Redirections Therapeutic Community at the Limon Correctional Facility, undergoing extensive drug, alcohol and behavioral modification therapy. Mr. Tenneson is conclusive confirmation that even the worst can change dramatically. He says, "Yes, the prisoner must have the true desire for change, but the system must also allow us to earn the very tools, education and opportunities that are conducive to radical change."

Michael is also a fine artist.

Please take a look in the Shalako Art Gallery

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