Denise Quarles


  Denise Quarles is a Regional Prisons Administrator who supervises the wardens and oversees the operations of 16 prisons for the Michigan Department of Corrections. She has over 26 years of experience with that agency for which she has worked in many positions which had previously not been held by females: 1 of 2 females to first supervise a male felon probation caseload, manage, of a half-way house for male prisoners, Assistant Deputy Warden of a male maximum security prison and manager of a male prisoner reception center. During her career she has served as the warden of four prisons containing male and female prisoner populations of various security levels. Ms. Quarles also served in the capacity of Deputy Director of the Bureau of Field Services, which bureau operated the state's parole and probation services, half-way houses for prisoners and alternative to prison incarceration programs. While holding this position, she was responsible fr the development of several new programs which were alternatives to prison incarceration for probationers, parolees and half-way house prisoners such as probation detention centers and technical le violation centers. She has bachelor and masters degrees in sociology.

 Articles in Books:

"Our Children Do Time with Us" in Frontiers of Justice Vol II: Coddling or Common Sense?


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