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Calbraith MacLeod

Northwest State Correctional Facility
3649 Lower Newton Rd.
Swanton, VT 05488


Cal is a machinist by trade and has been a noncompetitive bodybuilder since 1979. A native of Vermont, he has served over seventeen calendar years in prison. He has spent time in five State Correctional Facilities, two Federal Penitentiaries, and two Federal Correctional Institution& During his incarceration, he has participated in numerous rehabilitation programs, including, but not limited to: Vermont Correctional Industries Apprenticeship program; Federal Drug and Alcohol Program; Thresholds; Vanguard; Vermont's early Sex-offender program; The Violent offenders Program; Cognitive Skills; Anger Management; The Productive Living Unit; Emotional Awareness; and Self-esteem group& While incarcerated at the Federal Penitentiary at Lompoc, California, Calbraith participated in the Chapman University program and accumulated college course credits until he was returned to the Vermont state prison. He is currently serving a 40 year Vermont state prison term.

Cal is the author of the book, Practical Reformation, and he is currently the Rehabilitation editor for the Cell Door ( an Internet magazine written by prisoners for free people.

CELL DOOR Articles:

     Let Us Remember What We Are


    Biddle Publishing 1999

    This is a book about power, where to find it and how to use it to good advantage. When I put to full use the methods described in this book, I succeeded in extracting myself from seemingly endless repetitions of destructive thought and conduct. I have received, as a result of these methods, the ability to respect myself, command my own life, and enjoy a considerable degree of serenity under any circumstance I encounter.
    My goal in this manuscript is to share knowledge of the methods I utilize and to report the results I obtained to others. To those who need them, I hope these methods will deliver as much self-respect, self-command, and inner peace as they have to me.

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