Karl Chamberlain

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#999241, G-15-318
Ellis 1 Unit
Huntsville, TX 77343



Karl Eugene Chamberlain is 28 years old, and on the most murderous Death Row In existence - Texas. From a troubled abusive upbringing, he had a childhood and teenaged life full of trouble. Got in his first severe trouble with the Law in late 1991, then, went on to become a sober helpful part of society ... for five years, then, at the peak of success, with a good job, a fiancÚ, good friends, and happiness and healing, a crushing blow from his past came and swept it all away. A capital murder from five years in his past, poor lawyers, and lack of mercy find him today awaiting a date with death.

"For me, to write Is to live. To find a single sparkling axiom of life flow out onto the page outweighs all the haunting searches through the Shadow. Or, to gasp out a breath, as a bit of the Shadow screams from the page, and dies, losing its grasp upon my soul ... I write, yet, I am not the writing. I am just a Man, a blend of all I was, all I've done, all I would be, and all I Dare to Dream. A man of love, light, and laughter, yet a man broken by life and assigned a 5'x 9' square on Texas' Death Row. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy what you read. If anyone would like to comment, or correspond, feel free to: Karl Chamberlain, 999241 Ellis, Huntsville, TX 77343, USA."

Brief Autobiographical Piece

I was, I am, I will be

Born in Oklahoma City, raised in Texas, and briefly in New Mexico. The eldest of nine siblings, a lost juvenile with a silent cry for help strangled in the back of my throat, until finally broken free from a reactionary, selfish, amoral mind set by beginning with God, then Sobriety and blossoming maturity through surrender and embracing a spiritual program on December 1st, 1991. Conquering fears, and realizing growing revelations of Love, Light, and Laughter; Responsibility, Service, and Friendship, while free. Arrested &n July of 1996 for a horrible crime from five years previous. Crushed between the millstones of Retributive Justice and Political Power. Steadfastly seeking the Light and Spirit of God to transform this Harmful situation and environment to break the bonds of Self and shine a Greater Love of God for All, with an urgency towards Healing and Hope. Freed to a Greater Freedom, to live well or die well in each moment. Awaiting the Glorious Miracle that is the Essence of Life: Hope and Faith building towards Love that is God.

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