Nonfiction - Michael Tenneson

Cartoon Strip - Christian Snyder

Poetry - Joseph Burgeson

Poetry - Karl Chamberlain

Poetry - Willie Christopher Tucker

Women's Issues - Marcia Bunney

Women's Issues - Shakeerah Hameen

Humor - Billy Bubblegum

Fiction - Arthur DeTullio

Art - Steven King Ainsworth

Art - Karl Chamberlain

Legal Impact - Lawson Strickland

Spirituality - Russell Day

Rehabilitation - Calbraith MacLeod

Children's Corner - Paul Everson

African American - Stephen Fraley


Is an "INTERNET MAGAZINE by prisoners for a free audience."  However, we are interested in our Readers' Input.  We feel that the Cell Door will be a better Magazine if the Readers not only comment, but offer material to our Editors for possible inclusion in a future issue.

If the material you want to send us is on your computer, please E-mail the information with the Editor's name in the subject line. If your material is in a non-electronic form, please mail your material to the Editor whose area of expertise best fits your material's subject matter.  If the editor's address does not appear in his/her Bio/Address, then mail contributions to:

Biddle Publishing Co.

P.O. Box 1103

Brunswick, ME, 04011

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