Publisher's Notes: I don’t believe there is a single person in the US who isn’t aware of the Covid-19 pandemic . However there is not a universal reaction to the virus.  Some think it is a hoax, others figure that everyone is going to get it in the end so why worry. Others feel it will happen to someone else. Finally, there are those who take the viral threat very seriously.
   People in the free world have a choice to ignore all the precautions that keep the virus at bay or act in a socially responsible manner to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. But that is not a choice for prisoners. Prison administrations either follow the guidelines published by scientists and doctors or only apply some of the medically–appropriate precautions - let prison life be what it is. This attitude has made prisons a hotbed of communal transmission.
   It is very stressful to live in a community where the social and medical structures are not set by the best scientific information. Prisoners have no choice—those choices are made by someone else and they have to live with those choices. Prison life is even more stressful for those prisoners who have not committed the crime they are in prison for – they may be freed someday.  Or they may not live to actually achieve justice.                   

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