Cover Image Source: The Marshall Project


After 30 years wrongfully convicted, Danny Burton, is free by Randy Wimgley
Preface to Suicide By Lucino Hamilton
Who Is The Real Killer by Christopher Clark
He's Another One OF Ours by Laron Durr
Failed And Inadeauate Healthcare by Ricardo Ferrell
Covid At Thumb CF  by Emund Fields
The Invisible Killer by Jimmy Ray Lacy
MMDOC's Handling of Covid-19 by Lance McNeal
Covid Is Scary by Kenneth Nixon
What You Need To Know by Darrel Siggers
Covid-19 Handling At Muskegan by Ranah Taylor
Prison Life Propagandised by Albert Townsend
Respect by Leo Cardez
Hamilton Exoneration by Detroit News






Butterfly by Johnson
Notre Dame Burning by David Hehn
Palms Trees At Sunset
by Brian Fuller
Lion Face by Theo Moss
African Woman by Theo Moss


For Volume 2020 Issue 1