Edited by Claudia Whitman & Julie Zimmerman

    Our authors share the pain and violence of their pasts, their present existence in the sterility and brutality of prison, and their hopes for a future of freedom. They also share their remorse and the changes they have undergone in their resolve to find self-worth and value in their lives. Their goal in this very difficult task is to help us understand the roots of crime and recidivism and the factors that encourage crime prevention and habilitation.


"It is the height of arrogance and folly to ignore any person, regardless of prior bad acts, who is attempting to articulate a message of hope and redemption."
Steve J. Martin, from the Introduction, Frontiers of Justice. Vol. 3 

"An absorbing account from the experts, the prisoners. Without blaming others for their circumstances, they prove that offenders should be incarcerated AS punishment, not FOR punishment. Their stunning stories reinforce the often ignored fact that each of us could be caught in The Crime Zone."
Tekla Miller, Warden, Huron Valley (MI) Men's and Women's maximum security prisons (1985-1991)

"Anyone interested in crime and punishment will find these offender essays worth reading. They are poignant reminders that each one of the more than 1.5 million people imprisoned in the United States is an individual with hopes and fears and dreams."
Charles Chapel, Oklahoma Supreme Court Judge

"You can throw away the mold because there is no such thing, for we are them and they are us. The only difference is we have control over our demons."
Lieutenant Steven Edmondson, Topsham Maine Police Department

"Reading these testimonies left me in awe -- such hard work, discipline and courage in the face of horrendous histories and obstacles, with no support from the system, to become the people God created them to be. These are challenges few of us are called to endure, let alone master. We must address the wasting of those incarcerated who, in the end, are of absolute value to our communities."
Marietta Jaeger Lane, mother of Susie Jaeger, 7-year-old murder victim


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