Mysteriously the Pen Speaks
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    It is high time an outlet was given to those who have no voice. People in the free world need to open up their hearts and minds to the down-trodden and hear their cries. Often times their voices are "naive." Voices holding truth.
    Displayed in literary form, poetry is an expression of life and creativity that usually comes from writers' experiences -- his/her dreams. For some it is an escape from the realities of hardships and for others it is a way to face life head on. Incarceration is one such hardship and the reality of which I speak. One that not only I share, but also a condition shared by over a million other Americans.
    Because poetry is so full of life and uplifting rhythms, it becomes an expression of the human spirit. A spirit that possesses innate purity.
    When I write, my mind reaches outward towards the unknown regions of uninhibited freedom. The freedom to create. This is my gift to the world which I share willingly from this controlled environment called prison. I am ...

Willie Christopher Tucker, Made in America

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