The Adventures of the Raindrop
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The Birth of a Raindrop

Almost every child has an imaginary friend. When the child is sad, that friend comes along and puts a smile on that child's face so bright it glows.

As a child I never got the chance to meet my friend, but as an adult I have, and I have come to know him as The Raindrop.

Although I've grown up, there is a part of me that is, and shall remain a child. It is through this child The Raindrop was born and it is through this child The Raindrop will live, for the simple reason there are very few adults who still believe in the power of childhood fantasy.

Having it my way the child in me will never grow up and his heart will open to the belief in that fantasy. It is through this belief The Raindrop will continuing living.

The Raindrop, and my adventures with him are dedicated to those children who have yet to find their special friend ... and to those few adults who still believe.

Paul 'The Rain Maker" Everson


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Illustration by Osei Cotton

Book One

The Beginning

I was standing on the front porch
Just staring into space.
Saw a darkened cloud appear,
Felt rain upon my face.

Soon more rain began to fall.
I watched it hit the ground.
It sunk down deep into the earth
As more drops gathered 'round.

But for some unknown reason
One drop caught my eye.
It wasn't like the others
That were falling from the sky.

This one had a body.
He had hands and feet as well.
Exactly what was going on that day
Was hard to tell.

He got up and he looked around,
To see what he could see.
Then he jumped up on the front porch
And he stood in front of me.

He paced along the small porch
As he scratched his little head.
He wore a look of real concern,
'What's up?" is all he said.

I didn't know just what to say.
I really was surprised.
I thought I might be dreaming
So I closed and rubbed my eyes.

But he just kept on talking
In his funny little way.
So I sat and listened carefully
To what he had to say.

He said, "I've come a long way,
Journeyed through time and space.
But never thought I'd ever see
This wonder of a place."

"It's different when you see it
From a cloud that's way up there.
But once you've been released, my friend
It goes beyond compare."

"I've often sat and wondered
What my purpose would be.
But other raindrops told me
That I'd have to wait and see."

I sat and watched the little guy,
Then we walked out in the rain.
He continued with his story
And I kind of felt his pain.

He said, "My master sent me here
To keep your planet living.
Without me you could never have
What Mother Nature's giving."

"I know people don't like it
When they see dark clouds and gloom.
But they don't realize without me
Their plants would never bloom."

We walked for quite a while,
And time just passed us by.
And down inside I didn't want
To leave the little guy.

For a minute I felt rather sad
'Cause I knew all this would end.
I'd known him for a short time
But I felt I'd made a friend.

He said, "I think that I should go.
I see you're getting wet.
I'm glad I got to come here,
And I'm happy that we met."

I told him that Id miss him
And he said he felt the same.
I shook his little hand
And then he asked me for my name.

I said, "My friend my name is Paul
And this is where I'll be,
Should there come another time
You'd wish to visit me.'

He wiped a tear drop from his eye
And then he turned around,
Looked at me and flashed a smile
And jumped into the ground.

I stood there for a while
Watching other raindrops fall,
Walked up to the porch again
And stood against the wall.

I hope the little guy comes back
Just for a little while
'Cause I'd like to see his happy face
And shining little smile.

So the next time it starts raining,
Get out before it stops.
Find yourself a place to sit
And watch the little drops.

'Cause if you watch them close enough
My friend, you just might see
A special little raindrop
Like the one who spoke with me.

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